Fear Is Not The Answer.

That is the primary message that encompasses the Minneapolis
based aggressive metal band Harsh Reality. Formed in the
belief of being true to ones self and living your life in
your own way despite any rocks that may lie on the road ahead.
Founded in 1989 the band has under gone several changes from
its inception not the least of which is the Gender Transition
of band leader/founder Tempest (formerly Glen Crane) who
reformed the band in early 2006 after a 4 year hiatus while
she awoke to her true self leaving her “boy days” behind and
preforming as a member of the MMA award winning All The
Pretty Horses. She quickly added her ATPH and fellow
Transgendered band mate Jendeen Forberg, her original singer
Odi (who never missed a beat with any of the changes), and new
HR family member Eric Strom filling the vacant Guitar position
(formerly of Chaos Lords).

For Tempest and Jendeen Harsh Reality picks up where the heaviest
aspects of ATPH left off. The band features a raw aggressive
sound drenched in passion and angst against a world that is often
less than fair to those whom society sees as outside the box. (Tempest
was at one time denyed a US passport until she "proved" what physical
sex she was.) The sound is decisively and aggressively Metal but
with a clear focus on song writing with real emotions and intensity.
The music is about giving all you have left, every show is played as
if the band plans on dropping dead on the stage. Pushing even the
Multiple MMA award winning Goddess of Thunder Jendeen to new heights
in her drumming. Tempest and Jendeen have not let their life’s
choice to transition change their love for aggressive intense music,
indeed it has if anything re-affirmed it. Being a woman has nothing
to do with weakness. A point that their fellow band mates would
heartily agree with.

The stage show is as if the war in heaven were to come to earth.
Angles and Demons do musical battle on a smoke filled stage filled
with beams of white pure light and a hellish glow. Beauty and
brutality, an angelic vision behind a wall of drums and the darkness
of a leather clad seductress in 5 inch heels, a red demon growls and
sings into the microphone while a lord of heaven swings his hair to
the music. The drums are a massive engine of destruction, guitar and
bass provide dual metal hammers and the voice is that of soft flesh
and razor blades. The beauty of destruction, perhaps the best of both
worlds, certainly a Harsh Reality.

Harsh Reality has enjoyed successful radio airplay in Minneapolis,
Duluth, Milwaukee, Omaha, and other cities including multiple spots
on the 93X Top 3 Loud And Local list. The band has released two
independent albums and recorded singles for the Official Motorhead
tribute by Blast Waves Magazine “Make’em Deaf Forever” and Midwest
Meyhem Vol. 1. Currently the band is putting together a new Live
CD/DVD set with the new lineup and working on song writing for a new
studio album due in 2007. Currently doing regional tours,Harsh
Reality will be making other national appearances both east and west
coast and is planning their first ever UK tour early next year.

Fear is not the answer. Both Angels and Demons have wings and sometimes
you just have to find out if you were meant to fly.