July 06 Press Release


Harsh Reality will be headlining the Minneapolis First Ave Main stage Friday July 21st as part of  the 2006 Destrider Fetish Fashion show put on by noted design fetish design company DasSpidahl  http://www.das-spidahl.com/das-spidahl.html.  This should be a night to remember with additional musical performances by the Darkly Industrial High Blue Star http://www.highbluestar.com   and the Psychedelic Trance rockers Niobium http://www.myspace.com/niobium as well as special guests Mistress Jean Bardot and many other Goth/fetish personalities from the Minneapolis area. The entire HR set will be filmed for a possible DVD release and two special never before recorded songs are on the list for the night.  Pain never looked and sounded so good. 

In other news, Harsh Reality members Tempest and Jendeen have entered into the world of adult modeling with their first two girl shoot for ModelTS www.modelts.com .  The shoot is being published in 3 installments as the Featured Two T-Girl shoot for June, July and August.  The shoot is super sexy, fun and strictly for real as Jendeen and Tempest are real life partners and it shows just how well they work together outside the band.  The shoot was filmed in Boston in May and most likely wont be the last you see of these two. Tempest has posted a lengthy blog about the shoot at www.myspace.com/atph_tempest  telling just how much she enjoyed the shoot and meeting ModelTS model Vicky and her partner Jon and exactly what her reaction to the whole adult industry is as well as a hint that much more of this might be on the horizon for her.  Additionally Tempest was chosen as the URNA www.urnotalone.com featured performer for her stage and recording presence in the Transgender community.

As July heads to a close Harsh Reality will be teaming up with long running and infamous Goth industrialist band Apocalypse Theater (APOX, http://apocalypsetheatre.com/) for an early august U35/U90 underground recon tour.  This is a tour primarily of the upper Midwest which will feature the entire lineup of Harsh Reality playing double duty as part APOX for the duration of the tour.  This will be a more intensely Metal version of APOX than has ever taken to the road before.  At least for the length of the tour all members of Harsh will transform each night into Apoxians for part of the set.  Harsh Reality will be live on the air at  KMSU 89.7 FM “The Down Shift” July 28th to talk about the tour and all kinds of other happenings.  The tour is currently still seeking additional sponsorship and while we would like to say we aren’t cheap or easy actually we are both so feel free to contact us about getting on the list of sponsors. 

August 2006 Tour Dates

Aug 3 2006 8:00P
TBA Kick off U90/U35 TOUR With APOX Chicago, IL

Aug 4 2006 8:00P
U90/U35 TOUR with APOX Milwaukee

Aug 5 2006 8:00P
U90/U35 Tour with APOX Racine, WI
Cackle Jacks With BINKY TUNNY !!

Aug 6 2006 8:00P
U90/U35 TOUR with APOX TBA

Aug 11 2006 8:00P
U90/U35 Tour with APOX
Kansas City MO Balanca's Pyro Room

Aug 12 2006 8:00P
 U90/U35 Tour with APOX tour Wrap up party! Mankato, MN
What's Up Lounge


Other quick news bytes:

Jendeen was featured on the Minneapolis “Live at 5” TV program talking about Harsh Reality and recent happenings.  Check your local listings for re-broadcasts.

We have a string of three shows with Horror Metal Legends Impaler starting  July 29th.  Check www.harshreality.us for the dates and info.

We also have entered into a partnership with Australian rock performer Jade Starr www.dreadcircus.com  to bring her over the the US for a joint tour.  This replaces the current UK plans but there is far more in the works than we can talk about right now.  The UK is still on our list so watch out for that one too.

Organizers are still putting the finishing touches on the DAY OF RESISTANCE anti-bush rally here in Minneapolis but look for Harsh Reality to make a musical appearance October 5th as part of the rally.

Last note:  NYC… Maybe…



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