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November News Letter

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November 2006 Official Press Release

(permission is grated to reprint in part or whole)

1  Goodbye

2  Interview

3  Sex and so Much More

4  Metal IN YOU

5  Distribution and Digital dreams

6  Fall Schedule


1.   My dear friends and fans of Harsh Reality it is time to say good bye.

 It appears we have come to the end of an era.  After 15 years ODI has stepped away from his vocal duties in Harsh Reality and in a somewhat crazy rock n roll fashion simply vanished without a trace only a note posted to his friends, bandmates, and family that he needs to find himself and find a way to be happy.  He will be missed.

As one door closed another opens.  We are currently looking for a new lead vocalist to join our ranks.  The position is open to all who would be interested.  You must bring intensity both vocally and on stage, emotion is a big part of what we are all about, we want rage, we want pain, we want passion, we demand that it be real.  This is an active band we tour quite regularly although the pay can at times be on the slim side, if you want to get rich go sell insurance or something.  The new vocalist will be expected to work with existing material in their own style and lend themselves to the writing process of new works. 

We work out of the Minneapolis area so you should either be from here or be willing to relocate to this area.  It seems silly to ask that only those serious apply but over the years we have given up everything for our dream and expect anyone who joins us to be willing to do whatever it takes on a number of levels.  This is a working band we dont let up and we are not about to give up.  We have a great many things in the works so please dont hesitate to contact us for details.

Please feel free to contact us at or via our myspace site Full band info can be found at

Hope to hear from some of you soon

Currently we must thank V. MERCY and Mad Kat of APOX for filling in on vocal duties this past weekend and for some very special Harsh Theater shows to come.  He stepped up to fill in with only a single rehearsal and blasted the stage with screaming intensity which of course made us feel right at home.  As some of you know Tempest and other HR members have occasionally popped up on the APOX stage from time to time so this was a natural fit and we were glad to have them on board.  Be sure to visit and say hello and drop in on a few of their shows. 


2.  Harsh Reality members Tempest and Jendeen were featured in an interview with WANDA WISDOM on Lucky Bitch Radio. I think this was the first time she ever had guests on who talked about men hanging from hooks in their flesh on her show as well as a true aggressive metal lead out song.

     The interview has been archived and posted online for all of you to enjoy.  Wanda is great fun in the studio and even after two hours we were still chatting away when she kicked us out into the street (damn those heels hurt)

Links to the intervew are in 2 parts, enjoy

Part 1