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October News Letter

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October Harsh Reality Mailing

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1) Hello
2) October shows
3) MMA
4) Day of Resistance
5) Lights Camera
6) Tour Plans

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Greetings all. Just a quick or not so quick update for gigs and other HR happenings.

Hello and thanks to all of you who have joined up on our mailing list this past month. It continues to grow and we love having all of you allowing us to invade your lives once a month.
October Shows !

09/30/2006 08:00 PM - THE ROCK
, Maplewood , MN ,US -
Rising Fall, Angry Mothers, Harsh Reality & National Touring act Loaded Chamber!

10/02/2006 08:00 PM - Toy BOX THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED MORE ON THIS LATER (not a good thing)

10/05/2006 02:00 PM - Day Of Resistance Fest (LORING PARK)
Loring Park, minneapolis, MN 55400,US -
Minneapolis Anti Bush Rally, Many more bands to be announced vist the website www.impeachforpeace.org and the national website is www.worldcantwait.net

10/06/2006 02:00 PM - Day UPTOWN benefit for Aaron and Sarah
Uptown bar, Minneapolis
Harsh Reality, Ripsnorter, Big Surf and Menendez and Rev. Pokey Bunge Help raise money for a good cause

10/13/2006 08:00 PM - Terminal Bar
, minneapolis, MN 55400,US - 5.00
Special Friday the 13th show... UGLY FAT KIDS, ANGRY MOTHERS and the massive metal of TONNAGE

10/27/2006 08:00 PM - The ROX Helloween Havoc With Impaler & Special Guests
, Saint Cloud, MN 56301,US -
Harsh Reality and Flat ATOM are joined Ripsnorter and APOX for a night of devlish fun and full on METAL in saint Cloud

10/28/2006 08:00 PM - Stones Throw (the blood line flows into wisconsin)
, EauClair, WI ,US -
Harsh Reality, Impaler & Flat Atom & surprise guests

Ok we will kick this off with the bad news dept.

The October 2nd Harsh Reality show at the TOY BOX http://www.myspace.com/thetoyboxmn has been canceled.
The short and nasty versions is this.

The show has been booked for over 30 days. The venue requested posters for the show, I produced the artwork and Jendeen delivered in person to make sure they got put up, she was apparently making them uncomfortable once they saw that she was a Transexual female. Hours later our promoter gets a e-mail that states the show will not happen. It states that Jendeen had delivered the posters and that they don’t know what the promoter is trying to pull but our appearance is not fit for an all ages show.

I have a list of letters back and forth with the venue regarding this issue that they tried to pass off as a concern that the bands would no show. This holds no water as we personally delivered promo materials when they requested and it was only after that (and meeting the lovely MS Jendeen) they cancelled the show. They finally got around to admitting that it was due to our appearance. (note there are other more extreme metal acts who play the venue that have violent, bloody, sexy and sexist images)

We know the score and this is not the last you will hear about this, we will not go quietly, we will not lie down, part of the reason we started all this is we believe in standing up for what we believe in. If you share our ideas and view of this you can contact the toy box at 4135 Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 Phone: 612-722-3000 or simply visit them on myspace and leave them a message http://www.myspace.com/thetoyboxmn.

Ok now on to the good news



That girl is all over the place last month is was on Live at 5 Television this month its Lavender Magazine (September 15th issue) where she talks candidly about life music and the nature of the beast of being one of the best drummers in the upper Midwest (oh yea and she talks about making of the adult film with Tempest)

You can also catch her on audio interview with Wanda Wisdom at http://www.lavendermagazine.com/wandawisdom/2006/09/19/lbr348-world-o-the-wildly-witty-jendeen-part-1/ AND http://www.lavendermagazine.com/wandawisdom/2006/09/20/lbr349-world-o-the-wildly-witty-jendeen-part-2/ (hint: its in two parts, for those of you who haven’t met Jendeen she just wont shut up)

In addition both Jendeen and Tempest Have been nominated for awards from the MMA (Minnesota Music Academy) for best drummer and best bassist of 2005, wish them luck. In addition Jendeen receives a nomination for her Jazz band the Wolverines (you can catch them every Wednesday night and Sunday morning at the Times 201 east Hennepin ave Minneapolis for the last 16 years running)

On that note, Tempest has been busy herself. She has been cast in the lead role of Genesis in the upcoming film OPEN by Jake Yuzna. This has been an new frontier and first feature film for Tempest but she is loving every minute. You can also catch a few scenes with Jendeen as she will be mirroring her real world role as the partner of the character that Tempest Plays. Filming wraps up in a little while then everything goes off to editing. We will have lots more details as well as a few select photos and such available soon!

Look for another photo spread (no pun intended) of Tempest for ShemaleYum soon. This is her sexy adult side and they have been in contact looking for a little more of the fire hot red head.

Tempest has also been making the occasional appearance with APOX (including the rocking Genitortures show) and now has been asked to do a little fill in work with Cyber Industiral rockers 80-D watch for her soon there too!

Harsh Reality also won and advanced the BODOG battle of the bands round 1… this was wacky as we were not allowed to use any of our own equipment, lights, drums ect… and had to be on and off stage in 30 minutes but we still tore everything up. Next month look for our round two to be featured on FUSE TV… More on that next month.


Harsh Reality has been invited to headline the Day of Resistance Impeach for Peace march in Minneapolis Thursday October 5th. If you believe as we do that we could use someone with a modicum of intelligence in the white house then join us as we play this massive event in Loring Park. THIS IS FREE… YES FREE!!!! So no reason not to be there. This is a huge nation wide protest with the focus in many major cities and Harsh Reality is honored to be chosen to headline the Minneapolis show. This will also be our LAST outdoor show for the season so don’t miss it! March at 1pm show at 3pm Harsh Reality at 7pm… note: these things never run on time.


Look for another tour in December with our friends in APOX U90 U35. Chicago, Madison, Kansas city, and parts unknown are all on the list. More news on that soon! http://www.myspace.com/apocalypsetheatre

We have our NYE gig and its at Spiders Planet X. This should be a killer party so watch for details… this is not a club, this sure as hell isn’t a disco this will be a full on slam into the new year as only we can.

Watch for our Halloween shows, we will be turning everthing up a notch for these shows. We have some new ideas that will see the dark of night on these events. Bring a camera and your sexiest outfit and enjoy the shows. October 27th at the ROX in saint Cloud with Flat ATOM, Ripsnorter and APOX and the 28th in EauClair WI at the stones throw with the bloody madness of IMPALER… sex and blood what could be better.

Better is playing for a worthy cause: October 6th we do a benefit for Aaron and Sarah at the UPTOWN in Minneapolis, this is a full on fundraiser so show up and show your love. We are joined by Big Surf, Ripsnorter, and many others… so just shut up and be there!

Don’t forget TONIGHT! Sept 30th Harsh Reality’s first time at the ROCK in Maplewood. Get Harsh with a Rising Fall, into a Loaded Chamber and a few Angry Mothers… FUCK YEAH! This is a great stage and a great club so come on down.

Ok running out of time and out of sleep but we love you all and hope to see everyone soon. Please visit our Myspace and websites to keep up to date with everything until we chat again.

Tempest & Harsh Reality