December 2008

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DECEMBER  2008 Harsh Reality Mailing


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1 Return from Hiatus

2 Gigs

3 New Album is Done  


5 Into The New year

6  Tempest Adult Section





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Greetings all.  Just a quick or not so quick update for gigs and other HR happenings. 



Yes we are doing the mailing list again, I have a hunch you figured it out. 

This list is maintained home brew via signups at our show and via the internet, or via a existing press release relationship. We do not buy e-mail addresses.

If you do not wish to receive this mailing please reply with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE


We quietly slipped back from our Hiatus that really wasn't much of a Hiatus, We want to specially thank Kyle from Impaler/ForBlood for filling in with us short term and Tracy from the Harpies for his dedication for filling in long term show after show, even through the car wreck that actually managed to sideline us from touring when our trailer and several thousand dollars worth of gear were totaled on a bright sunny Sunday morning.  What can I say Tracey is a true rock n roll trooper and we wish him the best.




Saturday Dec 13th


River Bottom Sucker Fish

Mercy Kill

Harsh Reality

This is the last official Rock show at the current district 202,

As everyone feels the economic pinch they have been forced

To downsize and are currently in the process of looking for

A new location to continue their GLBT Youth Outreach services

We wish them well and hope everyone can attend this event, Please

Feel free to donate to District 202 as although this is a free event they are

Currently working to continue to provide outreach services to the queer youth

And the holidays are a particularly heartfelt time in many of the youth's lives.

Special Note: ** Venus Demars was to be part of this event but will not be able to appear at this event

Look for her in the near future.


Dec 19th


Mercy Kill (that mutant off shoot of Harsh Reality and Apocalypse Theatre)

At Ground Zero for an Industrial rock night with

National Touring act Souless Affection


Wednesday December 17 Wolverines Jazz Trio Christmas blow-out

Along with Jendeen, Rick  Carlson and Steve Pikal there will be a cadre of guests;

Including Judi Donaghy, Arne Fogel, Debbie Duncan, Patty Peterson, Lori Dokken and more.

We will be swingin' madly as we always do.

The Times Bar and Restaurant, 201 East Hennepin NE, Mpls

612-617-8098 for resvervations.


As well as;


Every Wednesday ongoing

8pm to 11pm

            Jendeen's Wolverines Jazz Trio

Performs at The Times Bar and Restaurant with a different guest each month.

201 East Hennepin Avenue NE, Mpls



            NEW ALBUM IS DONE!!!



            We wouldn't miss this for the world and you know it.




YES it finally is,  We spent the month of October prepping for and recording at Logic Studios with MMA award winning Producer Brian Bart and the results are fantastic.  We initially were looking to have the album available for the holiday but decided that we wanted to do a full force launch and wait till the new year.   In what is becoming our own typical unique way this will be a Joint effort between Mercy Kill and Harsh Reality with the ablum featuring songs by both bands so you will get a mutant strain of Aggressive Metal, Progressive Rock and Industrial with a dash of something that you might actually be able to dance to (just don't try to dance to the Harsh Reality stuff, you'll mess yourself up and we wouldn't want that)



In the new year


Watch for our CD release parties… we will be giving away over 200 copies of our new album via special events… we aren't telling yet but you'll want to be there


1-28-08  Mercy Kill At big V's having a bit of rebellious fun


Live Feb 2nd on MTN a whole episode of this evening talk show is being dedicated to Harsh Reality, with the whole band live and doing interviews… LIVE

And we are offering Invitations for a LIVE studio audience to come be part of the show, as questions and generally generate Chaos in a TV studio… wont you join us


Feb 13th the first FETISH BALL at the Stones Throw In Eau Claire.  Harsh Reality, Apocalypse Theater, Piercing and Suspension Artists, Fetish Dancers, Porn Stars, Fire breathers, all on the night before valentines day… sex is always easier than love anyway so lets celebrate it!


Feb 14th Anti Valentines Day RAVE… Secret Location, a wearhouse will be rented, laws will be broken and Harsh Reality and Mercy Kill will be there to Say FUCK LOVE this is our ANTI-VALENTINES DAY!


Feb 17th  Harsh Reality opens for National Recording artists Wensday 13… on Tuesday the 17th… yes try to keep that one straight… don't worry we will remind you.


Tempest has never been shy about her involvement in the adult industry but has kicked things into high gear

This is for ADULTS ONLY, if your not 18 DO NOT VISIT these sites… you can wait… trust us youll age quick enough… we all have


Tempest has been Jetting back and forth to LA, LV and other parts unknown doing hard core adult shoots for (watch out for that it's the first time the grinder has been used in a Hard core TS sex Scene and it scared the hell out of her co star Paul) (TBA the shoot is to go up any day now)


and finally Tempest has Launched her own Adult site at



These are all membership driven sites but you might catch a glimpse or two in the previews section ;)  Remember boys and Girls 18+ ONLY if your under 18 you can wait… we all did… hell some of us had to wait for someone to invent the F'n Internet in the first place LOL





 Please visit our Myspace and websites to keep up to date with everything until we chat again.


Tempest & Harsh Reality